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Announcing The CM Summit Lineup: Parting The Clouds

Posted on February 11, 2013

"SSP, RTB, DMP, DSP, DCO, WTF?" - Ned Brody, CEO, AOL Networks and CM Summit speaker

Big Data. Cloud Marketing. Programmatic Buying. Native Advertising. In the past few years, buzzwords, acronyms, and broad assertions about systemic, secular change have swept the world of marketing and media. Such declaratives have always been the currency in our business, of course - this is marketing, after all, and we love a good story about ourselves. But this time, we have come to realize, the narrative is very real.

Our society has embarked on a historic conversation around the role of data in business, government, and our personal lives.  In the seventh annual CM Summit, we’ll seek to define just what data really is, and how we might bridge the concept of data to not only marketing, but to a deeper understanding of culture and humanity.

"Marketing has evolved over time from a very subjective process to one rooted in data across many channels, and this is driving a revolution in digital marketing." That's Kevin Lynch, the CTO of CM Summit sponsor Adobe. In the past five years, Adobe has invested more than $2 billion in becoming a digital marketing business, and it's certainly not alone. By acquiring and integrating Doubleclick, Admeld, Terecent, Invite Media, and many others, Google has systematically built a data-driven marketing machine. And the enterprise IT giants are following suit:  Salesforce, IBM, Oracle have all turned their attention to marketing solutions.

“To be successful, today’s CMO has to become a Master of Data,"  Richard Vancil of IT research firm IDC recently proclaimed. In short, the data-driven world of information technology is merging with the creative-driven world of marketing. And that's causing a fair amount of anxiety for senior marketers.

"We spend so much time talking about the science of technology that we forget the art. We love brands because of how they make us feel. It is similar to how we feel about the favorite people in our lives." That's CM Summit speaker Michael Lazerow, the CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (and founder of Buddy Media). Lazerow is one of those rare leaders in our industry who deeply understands the bridge between technology and humanity - the theme of the CM Summit this year. Over the past few months, I've been hard at work finding others like Lazerow, and together with my team, curating a standout program that promises to be both focused and thought provoking.

Our theme for this year’s event is Parting the Clouds: Bridging Data & Humanity.  We’ll seek to bridge the concept of data not only to marketing, but also to a deeper understanding of culture and humanity—the very same insights that have always driven high-quality marketing. I hope you’ll join me this May – I think this is the best program of our seven-year history.

Once again an anchor event to New York's Internet Week (you'll get a free pass to all Internet Week events with your Summit registration), the CM Summit features one of strongest lineup of speakers we've ever assembled. Highlights include Kathy Savitt, CMO of the newly invigorated Yahoo; Chet Kanojia, CEO of Barry Diller's disruptive television startup Aereo; Bill Demas, CEO of data-driven marketing giant Turn, and Brian O'Kelley, CEO of AppNexus - both companies are positioned for IPOs in the coming year. 

There are more than 15 CEOs speaking at CM Summit this year, along with the heads of advertising products for giants Google and Microsoft, as well as the CMOs of Sony and Adobe. You'll meet the CEOs of the very buzzy Buzzfeed, Blue Fin (recently acquired by Twitter), Gnip, and RebelMouse. And you'll hear first hand from the founders of Blue Kai, LiveRamp, Krux, and OpenX - all leaders in the world of data-driven programmatic marketing.

And that's just the initial lineup. We've got a lot more brewing this year. Stay tuned here for more, but register now. With a new pricing scheme and our best lineup ever, we once again expect the Summit to sell out. Get your ticket NOW.

My Best,

John Battelle

Executive Producer, CM Summit

Executive Chairman, Federated Media Publishing

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